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Saturday, January 02, 2016

Time for grafting

I finished the knitting on my Unicorn Stripes Cowl earlier this week.
Pattern: Unicorn Stripes (purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: madelinetosh unicorn tails or merino light

I used merino light leftovers for my cowl. It is 160 rows long. If you are using unicorn tails, you will need 10.

It's been blocked and now I can graft the ends together. Yes, grafting 120 stitches. Not a job before bed time.
The pattern asks for a provisional cast on - when finished you take out the cast on and have live stitches for grafting the two ends together. I did a cable cast on and will graft the live stitches at the end of the cowl to the cast on edge. There will be a touch of a ridge but it won't be noticeable. Here is another reason to knit with Addi Turbo needles - you can block your work while it's still on the needles. Being lazy I didn't want to put the live stitches on a holder and then back onto the needle for grafting. Addis block great. Wooden needles not so good.

Here is another finished Doodler, thanks Susan for the picture.
And Bev's Doodler
And Nancy's Doodler
The colour combinations are all so different and all so beautiful.

I don't think I should start grafting tonight so I'm going to work on my ZickZack scarf.

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