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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My Favourite Sweater

It's been put away for awhile because the yarn was discontinued. I'd wear the sweater to work and customers kept asking for the yarn. I couldn't help them so the sweater has been resting. Well, that favourite sweater can come out again. It's my 'it's cold out and I want a sweater to snuggle up in' sweater. I love it so much that I have another one started. It wasn't finished because I couldn't wear it to work. Now I can.
The yarn is Noro Transitions and we have it in stock.

7% Kid Mohair, 7% Cashmere, 7% Angora, 7% Camel, 7% Alpaca, 55% Wool, 10% Silk

The sweater is called Holly and it's from the book Naturally Noro by Jane Ellison.

If you have little ones to knit for, we received some great buttons today.

I need to hit Publish and get on to today's other chores. I've been emailing with Sally Melville about her classes for Knitting Camp. I'm excited about the classes that I've chosen.

Fiona's classes should be finalized early next week which means the Camp brochure is just over a week away from being ready.

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Candice said...

I made this sweater, too. Bought the yarn from Little Knits because she carries discontinued yarns. It is a yummy sweater.