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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Let the packing begin

I'm working away on my ZickZack Scarves.
More colours of Mille Colori Baby should be arriving tomorrow. I'm kind of hoping that they don't arrive until Friday after I've left. I know when I see them I will want to try the scarf in a different colour combination. My scarves are staying in the store so you can see how the colours play and how the yarn feels.

We're getting down to the packing crunch. Actually, I need to start. But before I can pack I have many errands to do tonight. I'm tired thinking about them. Chiropractor. Drug store. Dry cleaning. New phones for the store because right now the only way to answer the phone is to hit the talk button with a pen. I need to run to the fabric store so that I can fix my golf pants. Yes, the clubs are coming. The one great thing about going to Vegas is you can buy anything you need there so I don't need to worry quite so much about making a list.

The really important thing to pack is my knitting. But what is that going to be? A plane trip means a new project. I better get this figured out soon.

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