Thursday, January 21, 2016

Finally Starting

We received a shipment of Malabrigo Rasta today with some colours that we haven't carried before.
-Stitch Red

One skein will make a great cowl.

I'm finally ready to start knitting with my String Quintet kits. I'm using two kits (Marimba and Trumpet) to make a large shawl. It will be striped and knit on the bias - the stripes will go diagonally by increasing at the beginning and decreasing at the end of every right side row.
I cast on for a different shawl in the pink that is rolled into a ball but after a few rows and rereading the pattern I realized that it was going to be hard to make sure that all colours were used or that I didn't run out of yarn. This way I can knit until I run out of yarn. Top Chef is on tonight - hopefully I can get through a lot of the purple ball.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
I love all your projects, I just don't comment! (well once before I think!) What is the pattern of the cowl made with the Rasta yarn?
Diane Cooper

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your work on the blog - i read it every day and have done some great knitting projects from your site (my whole knotting group is making the ombre cowl).

I would like to know what this cowl pattern is too, please

Julie said...

The cowl pattern is a free pattern that we give out in the store with the purchase of Rasta.