Monday, April 13, 2015

Knitting Post - Sort of

Today was spent running around. One of my stops was at Terra. I love looking at the flowers in their greenhouse.
I need to have the planters done for the store and our front step at home. They suggested that I wait a few weeks because there are some great tropical plants on the way. I really want hydrangeas but they aren't going to last all summer. They look so pretty here but in a few weeks they won't look like this.

This is where it gets knitting related. Throughout the store they have decorated with yarn. When I was walking in a young girl had a cart with many, many balls of yarn and was doing displays. I asked one of the ladies in the store about it and she said that it is a huge decorating trend for 2015. I can't confirm this but it is a cool idea. :)

They wound yarn around everything. Planters. Sales desks. Anything stationary had yarn on or around it.
Lots of pretty colours strung from floor to ceiling.
It's hard to tell but in the basket there are pieces of wood wound in yarn and they look like pencils.

Madelinetosh came late this afternoon. I wasn't in Ancaster so Beth signed for the yarn. I might have to get up early in the morning to see it before opening the store. I hope Beth didn't get into the boxes. Who knows what she might have taken.

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Unknown said...

Not that I am over excited that the MADTosh has arrived, and I know it is a lot of work to go through it but when will it be in the store? So I can come and drool.....LOL