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Thursday, April 16, 2015

How many sleeps?

This week all the Rowan sales reps (like my rep who comes twice a year to show me the new yarns) from across North America were in Toronto for their semi-annual sales conference. A group of them went to Niagara Falls today and stopped here on their way back. I tried and tried but couldn't get anything out of them about the fall Rowan. DARN (this is capitalized because in small letters it can look like a different word and I try to be very careful with my language on the blog). I will get to see it in a few weeks. Rumour has it that this fall is going to be amazing.

There is new tosh on the shelves. DK is above and merino is below. The new colours are awesome.

I saw this banner on Ravelry today.
Now I'm starting to freak out a little. Normally the store is lined with boxes by now with kits and yarn for the Frolic. We have kits made but nothing is packed. Yikes.

Mom and dad just got home from Myrtle Beach. In the back of the car they have 2 boxes of yarn bowls. These should be in the store on Saturday - dad has to get back to work tomorrow. Yes, he's retired but if we made him stop working life wouldn't be very good for my mom. It's better that he has something to do every day.

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