Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Song of the Sea

Mr. UPS came in this afternoon with three boxes from Lorna's Laces. It was like Christmas.
This is Masham in Arlington.
Masham Worsted is a hearty blend of British and Masham wool, hand-dyed in Lorna's beautiful colorways. Each fiber absorbs the dye differently, resulting in a marled look with wonderful depth of color. A warm and classically appealing yarn, Masham is an ideal choice for cold-weather garments like sweaters and cardigans. 

Masham - Northbrook

Sportmate in Northbrook.

Why two pictures of the same colour? To show how the various fibres take the dye differently.

I wasn't sure about this colour when I ordered it but now that I see it in full skeins I really, really like it.

A box came from Lynda today as well.

Pattern: Song of the Sea by Louise Zass-Bangham - purchased on Ravelry

Yarn: Metalico from Blue Sky Alpacas - 2 skeins each of Opal, Silver and Platinum

Needles: 3.75mm

For the yarn striping sequence, please take a look at inspiration's project on Ravelry...

It feels really nice around your neck. Really nice. I had a hard time leaving it in the store - it almost came home with me.

Now I must go. Survivor and Idol are taping and Beth is getting very vocal about my stopping and moving upstairs. She has actually started Idol without me.

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