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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Boxing Day

This morning I got up and decided to do a bit of Boxing Day shopping. The first stop was Pier 1. I cam home empty handed. Nothing grabbed me. I picked up Beth and we went to Golf Town. There were gift cards burning holes in our pockets. Beth got a shirt and I bought a pair of golf shoes. I didn't need them but $110 shoes for $29.97. I had to buy them. Beth then had the brilliant idea that we should go to Best Buy. We did a drive by because the parking lot was jammed. Not a parking spot to be had. Instead we came home for a day of TV and knitting. I downloaded Season 2 of Homeland and we are 4 episodes in. Beth is making dinner while I write and then another episode or two or three.

Beth loves it when Jane knits her socks for Christmas. Jane asks me to pick a colour and this is what I chose this year. Jane has been saying for months that Beth isn't going to like the colour. Jane was wrong. Beth loves them.
The yarn is Opal. Ice Cream from the Sweet & Spicy colour range. The colours that Opal put together are fabulous. And you don't have to do any work. The yarn does the patterning for you.
Beth has a helper today. She is casting off her Aleatory Cowl. She asked me if I needed her to stop knitting for a minute. I told her that she doesn't knit fast enough to make a blur while I'm taking a picture. That didn't go over well. She did proclaim while she was knitting that interchangeable needles are GOOD!!!

Don't forget that you can still get some deals on the website until midnight. 30% off of Noro, Berroco and Soakboxes. The code to enter at the check out is BOX13.

The store will open at noon tomorrow and these yarns will be on sale in the store. Plus a few more. And you never know, I could add a surprise or two tomorrow.

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