Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ulterior Motives

Beth and I fringed the Ab Fab Throw last night. Well, just one end. The other will be hidden at the Fair. There wasn't time to do both ends. I cut the fringes and Beth put them in groupings of 5 pieces for me to add to the throw. She was very helpful. Unfortunately there was an ulterior motive. She needs help with her latest project tonight. :) I get to do more finishing. Lots of finishing. Finicky finishing. I would complain but she is dragging boxes to Kitchener on Friday for me, dragging them home on Saturday and then doing it again for Camp on Wednesday. I kind of owe her. Really big.
This scarf pattern came today in Classic Elite's Web-Letter. The Web-Letter comes once a week and almost always has a free pattern.

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Making this fun scarf by Susan Mills is like eating a bag of potato chips. You can't stop once you get started! You cast on, knit back and forth with decreases and create a triangle, pick up stitches and start again. The alternating right sides and picked up edges create a nice patterning effect along with Horizon’s subtle shifting stripes and tweedy flecks.
Cast this on instead of reaching for those chips! You will be happy you did and will have a jazzy new scarf to show off.
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 Horizon is a soft, single-ply, wool blend yarn in a bulky weight for quick, warm knits. Its gently variegated colors create a smooth transition from one to another - with a strand of slubby silk adding interest in the form of a subtle tweedy look.
I've been looking at this yarn and contemplating what to make with it. The scarf will be a quick, easy project.

Notice at the top of the page, right below the heading, it says Fall Classes. We're going to continue adding to the list once I get through Camp. I have a few ideas floating around in my head.

We're just waiting for America's Got Talent to start and I've finished my sisterly duties. Now Beth has to finish 'it'.

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