Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The end is close

They are finally paving Wilson Street.
By the time I go home it should be done. I think they are painting the lines tomorrow and then there will be no more delays on the street.
Aileen is dry so I will be sewing in ends tonight. It's much later, Big Brother is just ending and I finished Aileen. All ends are sewn in. I love her. There will be another one in my future.

Friday is the day. The next Westknits Mystery KAL.

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I haven't had time to think about colours. Maybe Sunday.

I'm back to working on Wheaten. Sorry about the picture - the colour is off but you can see how the pattern is working. I've finished 1 pattern repeat (36 rows) and it measures about 9". 10 more pattern repeats to go.

We're having one heck of a storm. I need to sit on the couch with Melo. He has his Thunder Shirt on which is helping some but he's still upset.

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