Monday, September 16, 2013

New Project

After playing with Haymarket while we were packing for the Knitters' Fair I decided that I needed to knit with it again.

I started The Guernsey Wrap on Saturday night after we got home from Kitchener.

The pattern is by Jared Flood and he describes it as 'Fisherman-Inspired Texture'

You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry...

I'm using the 5mm needles that the pattern calls for and it is coming out slightly smaller than it should. I'm okay with that because the stitches are showing up really well being a touch tight.

This picture was taken yesterday morning.
This is how far I am now. I would have accomplished more yesterday but there was some last minute things to take care of for Camp. Football took time too. Beth had a nap so I had to look after flipping between games. I need a converter that I can talk to.
Mr. UPS came in this afternoon with many, many boxes from Rowan and a very important one from Lorna's Laces.
This is a custom colour for Camp called Sparrow Lake. The yarn is Sportmate. If there is any left over after the weekend (and some comes home with me) then it will be available in the store. I'm going to talk with Beth this weekend and see if we can order this colour in other qualities. It is that beautiful.

It was a crazy day in the store and we've got everything unpacked, put away and the boxes are repacked for Camp. There is one small problem with packing for Camp. We have a lot of door prizes and the goodie bags are phenomenal but they take up a lot of room. That leaves me less room to bring yarn. Beth and Cathy are going to work their magic tomorrow to fit it all in the van. I saved some boxes just in case they let me pack more.
Mom and dad just returned home from a few weeks in Myrtle Beach. Two boxes ended up in the back of their van (not sure how that happened) with yarn bowls. We should have them unpacked tomorrow afternoon.

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Heather said...

I just knit a Guernsey Wrap out of Shepherd Worsted. It's so nice and cozy. I did an extra 12 stitch repeat to make it a bit wider and purled the wrong side rows on the rib section so it wouldn't pull in as much.

It's a fun knit!