Friday, September 06, 2013

Frustration and Dumb Luck

I finished the Ab Fab throw last night and decided it needed a bath. It has been hanging around the store for many, many years and was a bit dusty. After a soak in Soak it will smell pretty and look good hanging in the store.

There was some frustration at my house last night. I came up with an idea for the Knitters' Fair booth that required some sewing.
I set mom's sewing machine (mine needs to be fixed) up on the dining room table. We decided that I shouldn't sew downstairs because we didn't want Roko going down there to see what I was up to.

Then the frustration hit. I couldn't wind a bobbin on her machine so I did it on mine (that isn't the part of my machine that needs to be fixed). Then the bobbin thread kept jamming on me. There were a few bad words and I put it all away. This afternoon I went down the street from my store to Vlasta's who does alterations and she is going to do the sewing for me.

Mr. Canada Post brought in a box from Wannietta this morning. The Amalfi Poncho is finished. And looks amazing!!

By some stroke of dumb luck I bought new cords for my mannequins that match the poncho perfectly.

I picked up the stitches on Aileen last night while watching Big Brother and football. I needed to pick up 370 stitches for the front bands and I was almost perfect. I ended up with 371. Now I need to do at least 6" of ribbing. You know what I'm doing this weekend. :)


Irene said...

looking good.

Dayana Knits said...

This poncho really came out stunning. I'm not usually into color-changing yarns, might have to change my mind!