Monday, July 30, 2012

Bailey Day 3

I was a knitting machine yesterday. The back of Bailey is done!! Beth told me to slow down. Not a chance. The problem is that there isn't as much time to knit during the week as there is on weekends-a small thing called work gets in the way. If I get it done early then I might join another category-maybe something to do with finishing projects that are lying around the house.

I guess if I'm going to say that I did this then I will have to sew in my own ends.
The ribbing on the front is cast on and I am half way through the first pattern repeat.
Jane has started her knitting on the Jubilee Throw. It is knit in Rowan Felted Tweed.
Here is square one done. Has not been blocked or the ends sewn in yet. I always use a hi liner to mark off the rows as I finish That way I can see what was on the previous row as well as seeing the row I'm working on. Just keep it on a clip board beside me.  I also put the wool I am currently using in a zip lock baggie. That way I'm not hunting through my whole bag of wool. 
So block one is done and 23 more to go
It looks great. Jane is going to continue sending pictures as she goes.

Much of yesterday was spent watching the Olympics. The white water canoeing and kayaking is great to watch (it's on my TV again today as I am writing). Talk about upper body strength. I'm saving the gymnastics and swimming until tonight. Hopefully I don't see the results until we watch.

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