Saturday, June 23, 2012

TNNA Day One

I know that pictures will work from my mini post. I've been trying to do the long post but the error keeps coming. Almost all the pictures are gone and we will try again.

I just got back from the show and am sitting in the lobby of the hotel. Beth is upstairs having a nap and it is hard to write in the dark.

I accomplished lots today. The first stop was madelinetosh to get the new colours ordered. I don't have pictures but will try tomorrow. There are 10 new colours - I should have made notes on the what the colours were - I'm going from memory. The booth was crazy and we had to line up to place our orders.

-rain water (denim blue)
-torchere (red)
-night bloom
-nassua blue (bluish green)
-spectrum (bright colours)
-steamer trunk
-steven loves tosh
-grey garden
-wilted rose (medium pink and brown)

Sorry for the spacing between pictures. I am using my iPad with a program I don't normally use.

Here is the Blue Sky Alpacas booth. Every show their booth is different. It's fun to walk in and see what they have done this time.

There were stops at lots of other booths as well and I have some presents from Sample It. I have a new Namaste bag in Eggplant. It hasn't been unwrapped yet but it will be my show bag tomorrow. I have two new colours of yarn from Freia. These are great.

I also visited with Kate Buller, Martin Storey and Josh Bennett in the Rowan booth. There is a new yarn coming for fall that we didn't know about until today. More details to come but I think you will like it.

Tonight Beth, Bev and I are having dinner with a friend from England. His stories are very entertaining (even if we have heard them before-sometimes we make him repeat an old one because they are so good) and we end up laughing so hard that others in the restaurant stare at us.

I'm going to sign off now to get ready. I could keep writing but this will become the longest post in history.

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Tinselnsawdust said...

Yay! I'll be in the store for sure as soon as those colours come in. I've been dying to get my hands on rainwater, spectrum and wilted rose , but I was waiting until it went retail.

- Justine