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Monday, June 18, 2012

Sitting, waiting and knitting

Today's post could be really long and ramble a lot. I'm spending the day at my parent's new house (been here since 8) to meet the Bell people, the insurance man, the Geek Squad to hang the TV over the fireplace and then Cogeco. The time frame is 8am - 5pm for my visitors. There is no furniture in the house yet. I brought a counter stool from home. I have a work station set up at the kitchen counter with DVDs (Criminal Minds and Two and a Half Men) to watch and my knitting. No internet so my computer is a glorified TV for the day.
I brought a tea with me and there is water in the fridge. Hopefully Beth will bring me something later. :)
No internet means that I am writing with a program that I don't usually use. I'm not sure how it is going to look when posted-sorry if it looks messy.
I have my knitting with me. The front bands are done and it's time to pick up for the neckband. I didn't realize it was so long.
IMG 4376
I'm glad I redid the front bands but it really put me behind.
IMG 4378
I'm picking up around the neck and my needle is too short. This is going to be an interesting morning.
It's after 11 and the Bell guy just showed up. Apparently the phone line is now fibre - not the old way we are used to. It's going to take him a few hours to get everything done. Not the most friendly guy. Also trying very hard to sell me on Bell Internet and TV. I wonder if he works on commission?? I hope the rest of them that come today are nicer.
The clock says noon and I just finished getting my stitches picked up. 438. I had to count them three times to make sure I was correct. Very lucky for me, this number is perfect for 2x2 ribbing. Now the fun begins. Fingers crossed I do the row correctly. I don't want to have to start again.
Beth came at 12:30 and I left for a bit. Got some lunch and went to the grocery store to start filling the pantry. The parents need everything. Sugar. Salt and Pepper. Flour. Windex. Dish Soap....
I got back here around 2 and the Bell guy was just finishing. It's 3 and dad just got here. He was picking up Beth and they were heading to Pier 1 to pick up the loft furniture. Still no word from the Geek Squad or Cogeco. I have the DVD player on again and my knitting is out.
IMG 4380
This is the mirror that is going to hang going up the stairs.
IMG 4382
The comfy couch in the loft.
The first row of ribbing is done and it worked! I started with 2 purls and ended with 2 purls. Now my fingers better get moving!
It's 7:30 and we just got home. The TV is installed and looks great. I forgot to get a picture from the main floor but here is the view when you sit in the loft.
IMG 4387
Beth has the TV taping and I'm going to continue knitting. Don't know how much I'm going to get done. It was a long day of doing not much. That is more tiring than working.

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Linda in Waterloo said...

Good heavens that's fantastic furniture! Wow - that's just asking for trouble waiting for a list of utility guys to do their thang.