Sunday, June 17, 2012

Liberty Wool

Happy Fathers Day! This afternoon we are going to a family barbecue.

The wedding last night was great. There was a lot of laughs. For some reason we were put in the back corner by the bar. This seems to happen a lot to Beth and I. :)

Unfortunately I hit a snag in my knitting. The body is done and cast off. That is good. Then I picked up for the first front band. I am knitting on 4mm needles and when I picked up the stitches the pick up row and first row were extremely loose. It didn't look good. I had 5 rows done and pulled it out. I am repicking up on 3mm needles. Then I will switch to 4mm when I start the ribbing. I'm hoping to get both front bands done tonight while watching the golf.

Two new colours of Liberty Wool from Classic Elite arrived on Friday afternoon. As you know I love Liberty Wool. It is soft and great to knit
Liberty Wool is a super-soft, washable wool available in solid and printed colors. This yarn's balanced twist will make all stitch combinations pop. 
With all the great qualities of wool and the ease of machine washability, Liberty Wool knits at a gauge that suits many designs and is ideal for children's pieces as well as those for adults.
There are two new patterns as well-these are free when you buy the Liberty Wool to knit them.

 Cumberland Blues

A cardigan with wide garter stitch hem (knit sideways) and front bands, worked in pieces from the bottom up. Set-in, bracelet length sleeves are attached seamlessly from the top down with short row sleeve caps.
The colour is 7871 Bronze Sky

 Sugar Magnolia

A simple pullover with a neck slit and garter stitch panels on the front, back and cuffs. Sugar Magnolia is knit flat in pieces from the bottom up with traditional set-in sleeves.
 The colour is 7870 Rosy Autumn

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Linda in Waterloo said...

Catch up comments: great colours in your parents' home, poor Roko to have to endure the shaming of a haircut and gorgeous sun room!