Saturday, June 30, 2012 free pattern

I love it when I have lots of pictures to show in my post.

A free pattern from
Knit this women's reverse stocking stitch cropped cardigan which is the members exclusive free pattern for June 2012.  A design by Sarah Hatton using the beautiful new yarn Summerspun, which is made up of 50% wool and 50% cotton, this simple cardigan has a round neck and raglan shaping which makes this pattern suitable for the knitter with little experience.
You have to sign up on Rowan's website to download their free patterns but it only takes a minute. They will send you newsletters once a month but you won't receive any other emails from Rowan.

Soakboxes arrived yesterday

Each Soakbox includes a new 3oz bottle of Soak and Handmaid luxury hand creme in like fragrances, stylishly matched to premium nail polish and custom hand-dyed yarn by Lorna's Laces, as well as a unique Fiona Ellis pattern for fingerless gloves.
 The kits are $50. We have all four colours in stock right now.
Jacqueline from Soak did an amazing job on the packaging. They look beautiful. What a great gift!!
Beth and I have been watching Top Chef. We went back and bought the seasons that we missed and are currently watching Top Chef Allstars. When it originally aired someone wrote, either on Twitter or Ravelry, that they saw Lily Chin on the show. I didn't remember this when we started watching. Last night we were watching and I saw her. I screamed 'There's Lily Chin.' Beth thought I was nuts. The chefs were serving at a party in New York and Lily was a guest. Later in the show she talked and then Beth agreed with me. Too bad she wasn't knitting while eating.

I just got off the phone with my dad. They stayed in the new house last night for the first time. He said that they had a great night sleep. Even Tui (their very temperamental Shar Pei) had a good night.

Now it's time to write a newsletter. There are a few yarns we are going to put on special to make room for the fall yarns that start arriving in a few weeks. I will also have information on the Tent Sale.

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