Monday, June 11, 2012

I will get it done!!

It was 11 last night when I remembered that I didn't write yesterday. I spent most of the day knitting. I'm going to get the Breezy Cardigan done in time for TNNA!!

Here is the original Breezy Cardigan from Hannah Fettig in case you don't know what I am knitting.

The body is almost finished-it is knit from the top down. I have 3 inches of ribbing to do and then cast off. Then I am going to do all the ribbing around the neck and down the front bands. The sleeves are last because I'm not sure how much yarn I'm going to have. They will be knit until I run out.

Today was a busy day-it was all about me. I left the house just after 9 and headed across the border. We have a family wedding on Saturday and I need something to wear-it was a good excuse to go. :) I found a great jacket just before noon and had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (but no cheesecake). Then a bit more shopping at the mall and a trip to Target.
I have a new coffee maker. I wasn't happy with the one that I had. Coffee and especially tea was never hot enough. The new one is set up and I am on my second tea. Much better.

Then back to the Cheesecake Factory so that I could bring a piece of cheesecake home for Beth and I.

The wait at the border was crazy. I made it home around 5:30-just like a full day of work. :)

Beth is upstairs setting the DVR to tape. We made it part way through Hell's Kitchen last week and came to the conclusion that we can't do it. The people on the show are so annoying and have no clue how to cook. Instead we are watching Top Chef Masters, Master Chef, Big Break and Around the World in 80 plates. Now I need to wind more yarn and get back to my knitting.

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Lois Evensen said...

The sweater pictured is a lovely color, but I can't get into that style. I can't watch Hell's Kitchen, either. I get no pleasure whatever from people berating other people.