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Friday, June 01, 2012

Good day to be knitting

What a crummy day today. It is pouring rain and cold. It's one of those days to be sitting in front of the fireplace working on your knitting.

Jane worked yesterday afternoon and brought the Coat of Many Colors for me to see. The sleeves are started.

You can see the needle lying on top of the work-these are the stitches that were cast on for the sleeve.

Mom and dad's townhouse is almost ready. I was there yesterday because the hardwood floor is finished. Unfortunately it is covered in cardboard so no one damages it.
The railings were getting the second coat of stain yesterday. They are a dark grey colour that matches the hardwood.
Mom and dad didn't want a fireplace but Beth and I wouldn't back down. They are going to love it. My guess is that it will be on all winter.

When Beth and I were at Terra the other night we ordered a plant for the front step of their townhouse. Last night we picked it up. At the entrance there are two pots like this-I want them for the front of my store. Beth laughed very hard and said 'in your dreams'
It was a day for crossing a few things off the TO DO LIST. I hate that list.
-at the end of this month we travel to Columbus, Ohio for TNNA-where I see the new yarns, books and accessories for fall. We changed the day we are going so I had to change hotel reservations
-book a hotel room for TNNA in February-Long Beach, California. It seems a long way off but before you know it the hotel is sold out and it is right beside the convention centre and across the street from California Pizza Kitchen. It doesn't get any better than that.
-count some yarns (tosh sock and Noro Taiyo Sock) and get the website updated
-place orders

It is much later in the day and the rain is really coming down again. For a while this afternoon it was just slight dripping but now it is buckets.

I'm going to put the computer away and get to some knitting. The Breezy Cardigan isn't going to knit itself.

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Lois Evensen said...

The town house looks very, very nice! I agree about the fireplace - gotta have it!