Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Carpet Bags

One of the stops at TNNA was to see Megan at St. Clair Designs. We have three new Carpet Bags in the store.
Bev tried really hard to take the brown bag home with her but I fought her off. I think this might be the one I want.
These bags are sewn by Megan-not in a factory and her father makes the oak handles for her.

There were more goodies in my suitcase. Shawl pins from Jul.
Tendril Fermoire
French for closure, this pins work with knitted or woven fabrics. Handmade in white bronze with semi-precious stones.
We received a shipment yesterday with more Coat of Many Colors kits from Mountain Colors-this is the cover jacket of the knit Swirl! book.
I showed this from Columbus but here is a larger picture. The Clematis colour way. I like this one too!!

Tonight we are heading to the parents for the last minute 'to dos' in the house. Tomorrow night will be their first night sleeping there.

I have no personal knitting to report. I didn't take anything with me to Columbus because I knew there wouldn't be time. Last night I was way too tired. Maybe this weekend there will be some pictures from my needles.

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