Monday, June 04, 2012

Almost Done

Sock Monkey tape measure
Coming soon from Lantern Moon
Lantern Moon's hand crocheted tape measures are a fun and functional accessory for your toolkit. Metric and English measurements on opposite sides of 5' long tape. Collect them all! Roughly 2 1/4" in diameter
We hope to have the tape measures sometime this month but they won't last because they are so cute. I'm getting one for my knitting bag. Okay, it will have to be more than one because there are many knitting bags. :)

My dad says Thank You for all the birthday wishes. We took him a carrot cake and then his sister brought him another carrot cake. You can't have too much carrot cake!! Beth and I gave him a gift card to Home Depot. There are many possibilities for what he will get-power washer, garage door opener or a new barbecue. He will have fun shopping.

Wednesday morning mom and dad have the inspection of their townhouse and take possession next week. Beth and I have picked out the paint colours (with input from the parents) which included a trip to the furniture store this morning to make sure that we got the right colour to go with the couch. It is pricey to have the builder paint the rooms in different colours so my dad is having the painting company that does work for his company to come in after they take possession and before the furniture arrives. Now my mom can have every room a different colour.

An email came in this morning from Pier 1 with a great looking love seat. Beth and I agreed that it would look good in the loft. We are taking mom and dad there tonight to see how they like it.
I took the image from the email because they ottoman isn't on the website yet and I think the ottoman is a must. The colours are perfect. The loft isn't big so they can't have a full couch and I think it needs something a bit funky looking.

There was some knitting accomplished over the weekend. I have about 8 inches done since the armholes on my Breezy cardigan. The pattern calls for 8 more inches and then 3 inches of rib. I need to get working on it. There is lots taping tonight-all food shows. Top Chef Canada. Top Chef Masters. Hell's Kitchen. Masterchef. Hopefully my fingers will be flying.

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Lois Evensen said...

It sounds like your Dad's birthday was a good one. :) Love that little measuring monkey! :)