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Thursday, September 01, 2011

I'm becoming my mother!!

A bomb has hit the store and the Rowan room is a mess. Boxes are starting to pile up with kits for the Knitters' Fair. I can already hear the line of questioning from my chiropractor tonight. Were you lifting boxes? Have you been stocking shelves? Did you sweep the floor? She is going to blame some of it on the golfing as well.

To make it worse, Mr. Canada Post just brought in two boxes. One from Namaste with Mini-Messengers and the second from Crystal Palace with knitting needles and two new colours of Mini Mochi.

Now Mr. CanPar has come in with a box. There are five new colours of Ondas with a glitter running through it called Ondas Lux.
Ondas Lux 305 Plum
We have plum, black with silver, black with gold, dark brown with gold and grey with silver.

I sent off a parcel to Lynda on Tuesday with some more knitting. In the box was a cheque. Really it was only a piece of paper because I forgot to sign it. I am becoming my mother. I woke up during the night and starting thinking about the cheque-did I or didn't I sign it? I almost sent her an email but went back to bed. I guess I should have sent the email. 

Now that I made fun of my mother I should apologize to her for something that happened while I was in Myrtle Beach. Mom and dad arrived two days before me. Mom couldn't make the WiFi in the house work. I asked her to leave it until I got there. I couldn't make it work. Nothing. I accused her of touching things but she swore that she hadn't. The Geek Squad installed her WiFi so I called them. The very nice lady on the phone said that she thought it was the Internet provider who is also the cable provider. I called them and they were at the house within an hour. Talk about service. There was something wrong outside and after 15 minutes the cable guy had it fixed. Sorry mom.

Big Brother last night was great. Jordan and Rachel will be with us another week. Now Shelly is scrambling and telling more lies. Does she really think she is setting a good example for her daughter??

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Sally said...

I can NOT wait to come in a talk to you tomorrow about BB13. See you then.