Thursday, July 14, 2011

The great kettle search

You are going to wonder why I thought of this story now. It is 5am and I have been up for an hour watching the British Open. I am drinking a mug of tea and it got me thinking about buying a kettle in Myrtle Beach. Buying a kettle there was not easy. When I was there in May I looked in six stores for an electric, auto shut off kettle. Target, three different Walmarts, Bed, Bath and Beyond and a kitchen store. Some stores didn't have a kettle. In other stores the cheapest kettle was $50. Yes, $50. I'm not making it up. I gave up and decided that we would buy one in Canada and bring it with us. I totally forgot and we got to the house with no kettle. During our first afternoon in the house we went grocery shopping and bought a $10 kettle. The only problem is that it wasn't auto shut off. That was important-we will be renting out our house and don't want people visiting to forget about the kettle and burn down our house. At the end of our trip we went to the other Outlet Mall in Myrtle (there is one right by our house and another 20 minutes away). For some reason I dragged Beth into a kitchen store and Bingo! A kettle, with auto shut off (the exact same kettle as in my kitchen here) for $19.99.  SOLD.

It's now 3pm and I am getting very sleepy. Here is the knitting that I have been working on. Most of this was done last night while watching Big Brother and this morning.

Hitchhiker in Noro Taiyo Sock. Now looking at my picture I see that I hung it on the fence upside down. OOPS!

Big Brother is not going to be the same without Evil Dick. The vote tonight is going to be interesting. Which way will the house go?

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