Monday, April 04, 2011

Summer Hours

Today is the official start of our Summer Hours.  This sounds funny after the snow that came down last night.

Beth had been driving my car while I was away and brought it back to me yesterday afternoon.  She called and asked me to go check that the windows were up because it was raining.  It wasn't raining.  The snow was coming down very fast.

This afternoon has been spent packing boxes.  All mail orders placed while I was away are on their way to the airport post office.  Where is my mind if I am writing airport?

Mom and dad come home tomorrow night.  I'm pretty sure that they are going to ask us to send them back next year (if they can wait that long). They went to see Lion King last night and are going to see Jersey Boys tonight.

It is raining again and I need to go to the grocery store.  I guess I am going to work for a bit and hope it stops.  It is less than a month to the Knitter's Frolic and I haven't planned my booth yet.  YIKES.

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