Thursday, November 19, 2009

A two day post

The weather was horrid here today. Cold and rainy. Why would anyone go out??

Part of my day was spent on the website.
Mountain Colours Bearfoot is totally up-to-date from my end. Just waiting for Korey to upload some pictures. While pulling the yarn from the shelf and counting it I fell in love with the colour Heather. Maybe another Clapotis??

I also worked on getting the Della Q bags and needle cases on the website.

Part of my day was spent knitting. Another 2 balls are done on my Vogue Scarf. 6 balls to go. I should get some done while clearing the DVR tonight.

I am looking forward to Survivor. Please let Russell stay.

That part of the post was written yesterday before I left work. Got home to find out that we had no Internet. I tried everything-even unplugging things. Just didn't want to work. I moved upstairs and watching some TV. A couple episodes of Law & Order SVU, Y&R, the football game (way to go Miami) and Survivor. My giant scarf is done. I just need to cast off but want to make sure on the length before I do. That will be tonight's job-it was after midnight before I went to bed last night and was too tired to think.

How about Survivor? I think this is the best season we have ever had. Russell finding the immunity idol again is priceless. But even more priceless was the look on Laura's face when she was voted off. Or maybe it was Dave's face when he realized that someone on his side had jumped.


Sally said...

I wholeheartedly agree! I can't decide whose face had the better expression. In fact I think I watched Laura's reaction at LEAST 5 times. YAY! ! !!

Wannietta said...

"Pride goeth before the fall"
And what about Monica?? Though she tried to reign it in when it occurred to her (I hope) that she's going to have to do some damage control about why she didn't change her vote. And is Russell really going to allow a Foa Foa to be sacrificed next week for John? Oh man, I can't wait!!!

nadine said...

oh Goodness ! what gorgeous photos of the Mountain Colours Bearfoot yarns.
SO beautiful.