Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More stories about my Dad

I just received an email from Mom. Dad has worked out a schedule for renovations. This story will explain why Mom is doing the emailing and not Dad. First of all he calls a computer 'the machine' or 'that box'. When he went on his last trip to Honduras an email account was opened for him. The construction company was in negotiations for a very large job and if we needed to get information to him this was the best way. The first night there a group of them walked into town and found an Internet cafe. Yes, Honduras is a very poor country but the Internet is available. Dad didn't know how to log in so Cal did that for him. Cal opened his emails to read and now Dad had to reply. My dad has never sat down in front of a typewriter let alone a computer. His message to us read "HI. DAD." That was it. He called home every night after that (and collect calls from Honduras are not cheap). When he got home he wanted to know why the order of the keys were so messed up. Why can't A and B be beside each other?

The renovations are going to take a bit longer than I thought but there is nothing I can do about it. The work needs to get done and if we don't do it in August then it will be April before we can do it.

Here is the plan as of today. The store will be closed from Saturday August 8 until Monday August 17. The store won't be open for shopping during this time but if there is a yarn emergency I can be contacted by email or by leaving a message on the store phone.

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Unknown said...

That's hilarious!! It would only be funnier if he'd added a "stop" like an old-school telegraph message. LOL
He'd better be careful or he'll be addicted to the internet in no time!