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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Home from Vegas

We had a great trip. Last Friday we flew to Vegas and spent the night. We didn't want to get up and go to the airport on Saturday but business called. Our plane landed in San Diego at 10am and we went right to the show. I bought yarn, books and shawl pins. Blue Sky Alpacas was the first booth inside the door and my order was done by noon. There are new patterns and colours coming in the dyed cotton along with a pattern for a cute hooded baby blanket. I ordered more shawl pins from Annie Adams-pewter and Moving Mud-glass. Lorna's Laces has four new colours for spring as well as a new yarn called Pearl-silk and bamboo blend. If you read the Lorna's Laces blog you can see the new colours and a preview of Pearl. Mountain colours also has five new colours. Sock yarns are coming from both companies. There is more to add but I am very tired and need to go to bed. I will add some more tomorrow including talking about the new Rowan. It arrived while I was away so I need to run to the store tomorrow and grab the books to go through them properly. I did see the garments in San Diego and really liked them.

It was great meeting up with friends from around the world but the run really started when we got back to Vegas. We didn't really do anything while there, not even a show, but we were always busy. The slots treated us well and craps was great. Black Jack was the nastiest game in the world so we avoided it like the plague.

Here are some pictures for you. Sorry-they should be in the opposite order but I am tired and not thinking straight.

This was taken this morning on the way to the airport. Sunny skies and warm weather. It was tempting to miss the flight.

In the shopping area of the Venetian you will see statues dressed all in white. These are actual people who stand perfectly still all day. On our last trip Beth wanted to make one move so she went up and took some of his money. Not even a flinch. She had to give the money back and then some for the great performance.

This peaceful garden area is inside the Mirage. Looking at it now makes me sad because I am home in the snow and cold and don't have palm trees to look at.

Have a good night. I know I will sleep well in my own bed.

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Sally said...

Welcome back and I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. Sorry about the weather here.