Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Years. Sarah's wedding was great. It was held at an Italian restaurant in Milton and we ate all night long-can't beat that. On New Years Day Beth and I held another family gathering. We are officially done with hosting anything until 2010.

We just received our first yarn for spring. Atlante is 100% bamboo made in Italy for Naturally. I didn't get a chance to unpack the yarn because the store has been crazy-no complaints from me.

Rhonda has the yarn to knit this cardigan. Rhonda, are you done yet?

I am going to double strand the Atlante and knit Sally Melville's Shape It! Scarf. I have the yarn and my new Addi Clicks sitting beside the couch waiting for the football game to start. Go Dolphins!!!

Another cute summer top in Atlante.

We also received some Zara from Filatura di Crosa. This is 100% washable wool in double knitting weight. More colours will be arriving during the next couple of weeks. I need to find room for the yarn before I can add too much.

Don't forget to keep checking out the website. I have marked down yarns that we are going to be clearing out. I might also mark down some knitting bags-you never know what my mood might be this week.


Stephanie said...

Hi Julie, this is Stephanie with the RV parked on the west bank of the Mississippi River, in Missouri. I did my first "Shape-it"scarf last week. I was at about the time to do the 49 stitch increase rows for the tails and I had to go to a Christmas event. I knew I could not politely do the increases in public (Ron's family) so I just went with increasing every row until I thought it was long enough. I really liked the gradual slope. Stephanie

Rhonda said...

Sorry, I just cast on for it today! Egads!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I saw the yarn in mom's stash room... and was about to ask her if I could steal it... darn! It's lovely!