Friday, December 19, 2008

Snowy day in Southern Ontario

It's not a very nice day here today. The snow is blowing like crazy and accumulating quickly. I was set to go to the store but the roads are terrible. Beth went to work and the roads were so bad she turned around and came home. Mom and dad were out for breakfast (don't ask, you would think by the time they reached their age they would know to stay home in this weather) and dad said that going to work wasn't a good idea so I am home for the day. Not to worry, I think I can find some knitting to do.
This is the finished basement. Mom has called Beth "Boo" since she was very little so they had this neon sign made for her.  It reads 'Booz Bar'-the glare makes it hard to read.

This is the light I bought Beth for her birthday.

Here is our guest bathroom.  We bought the shower curtain first and then everything else was bought to match it.  The sink came from Columbus, Ohio (shopping while we were supposed to be at a trade show) and then we had a Corion counter top made to match it.  We still need to get a mirror made. We are trying to hold off on getting the basement too finished. Mom and dad think that they can move in once it is done. :)

This is my tree. Last year we had it in the loft and the height was perfect. Now in the great room it looks really small. I think I might have to do some looking after Christmas for a tall tree on sale. This poor tree is about 15 years old and when you get close it looks like it. Most of my decorations are from Pier 1-one of my favourite stores.

I'm off to knit now.  Hopefully you are all inside, warm and knitting as well.

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Rhonda said...

Mom & Dad are so moving in!!!!! I think you should talk to her about some nice quilts too.