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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Rowan Garments

I received a surprise today-some garments from Rowan to display in the store. Botticelli looks great in magazine #44 but once you see it in person you will fall in love with it. The cardigan reminds me of Kim Hargreaves and the amazing flowers she put into her designs many years ago.

Another great Martin Storey design called Florentino.

This is Gayle knit out of the new British Sheep Breeds.

Dad arrives home from Honduras tonight. He will be happy to be home but I can already hear him complaining about the weather.

It's time to go home and I need to sit and get some knitting done. I haven't accomplished anything on my latest scarf and need to get it done so I can start another. My list of favourites on Ravelry is long. :)


leeniebeenie said...

I love the photo with the sheep on the english countryside type background. I wish I looked that good, with my red hair and pale skin, but that sweater looks gorgeous on her and in general is a great piece.

Michelle B said...

Ooooo - Botticelli!!! I'll be zipping up to see that one in person ASAP. How long will you have them? Do you have all of the yarn in stock?

varun said...

nice range!!Shawls and Scarves