Monday, December 08, 2008

Another scarf and some football

Here is my latest scarf. I must say that this is my favourite so far. The pattern is called The Prismatic Scarf. I am using Vero Tweed from Naturally. I just started my third ball and the scarf should take four in total. I used 36 stitches but I think 30 would be just as good. This is colour 54-just off the ship. We have two other new colours-denim and a green/gold blend (think camo but in a good way). All three colours are available in tweed or plain.

Yesterday was football day in Toronto. Beth and I set off at 1 and should have made it to the tail gate party at around 2:15 but because of traffic and lack of parking it was closer to 3:15. Didn't start the day out well but from there on we had lots of fun.

This is before the game when the Bills were being introduced. I took many pictures to show dad-he really wanted to be there with us. He called after we got home to see how it went.

This is the start of the game. Our seats were great. 50 yard line and 36 rows up.
The half time show was the Syracuse marching band. Amazing!! This was the highlight of the day for Beth. My highlight was the Dolphins winning-I have been a Miami fan forever which means I really dislike the Bills.

We had the finale of Amazing Race taping and watched it later last night. I am glad about the winning team. Nick and Starr did so well during the whole race that they really deserved it. It was unfortunate the Toni and Dallas weren't at the finish line-are they still in Russia trying to get passports?

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Fifi said...

Scarf looks awesome. I just might have to be a copycat if I ever get my Christmas knitting done ... lol.