Monday, October 27, 2008

Kim Hargreaves

I have been busy all day but it feels like I haven't accomplished anything. I did however finish writing three newsletters, got seven packages to the post office, did two loads of laundry and went grocery shopping. In my running around I stopped by the store with lunch for Jane and taught somehow how to do short rows. While there a parcel arrived with Rowan magazines and yarns.

Kim has always been one of my favourite designers. She is now producing her own magazines using Rowan yarns. Thrown Together features fabulous designs for fall.

Nectar came out in the summer and we have copies back in stock.
Beatrix and Kim are from Thrown Together.

Both designs are knit in Felted Tweed.

I have been putting this off but now I must go and finish doing my GST return. It's something I hate doing but it is for the government and I don't want to be late with a payment to them. Bad things can happen to you if you are late.

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