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Monday, October 20, 2008

The blog is not broken

Mom called me from Myrtle Beach last night and asked if the blog was broken. I asked her why she would think that. Her response was 'You haven't posted in so long so I thought it might be broken.' Sorry mom-here are some pictures for you.

Square 9-I didn't realize the picture was blurry until I was posting it here-sorry-I don't have another one on the camera.

Square 10.

My Edie is almost done. I just need to block it and sew in the ends.

This is Jane wearing her new cardigan from Kim Hargreaves book Nectar. The pattern is called Favour and it is knit out of Rowan Denim.  The book should be back in the store this week (Jane sold all the copies last week while wearing the jacket) along with the next magazine from Kim called Thrown Together.

Did anyone watch The Amazing Race last night?  Beth and I would have kicked butt on that episode.  We have been to Gulf Harbour and Mount Eden.  Kelly and Christy missing the entrance to Mount Eden is understandable-it is almost impossible to find.  The Skytower was one of our homes while in NZ (the casino is there) and Bev stayed at the City Life Hotel so we visited it often as well.  It was unfortunate that the show didn't show the drive from Auckland to Kiwi 360 (we visited here as well).  It made it look like they were close together but they weren't-it is actually over 200 km and takes over 3 hours to get there.  New Zealand doesn't have major highways like we do-it is like driving country roads everywhere you go.

Okay, now that mom should be satisfied for tonight I am going to get back to work.

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