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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just one to go

I finished Cheri this afternoon-all ends sewn in as well. It is too big for the mannequin but I needed to get the picture taken. I have to finish Edie and don't have much time left.

Speaking of Edie-major problems. There is a mistake in the pattern-only on the largest size. At the armhole you cast off 35 stitches. A couple of rows later you need to cast the stitches back on. I have the whole back done and counted my stitches and guess what-I am 5 short. I spent some time trying to figure this out when I read the pattern again-it says to cast on 30 stitches which leaves me 5 short. I must have cast off the stitches and let the knitting sit for a couple of days before casting on so the numbers didn't mean anything to me. When I do the other armhole I am going to cast off 30 and then cast on 35 bringing me back to the right number of stitches and both fronts will match.

Canadian Idol was great this week. Everyone did a really good job with their songs. Big Brother last night was quite boring. Dan thinking about using the POV-what kind of idiot is he? Just leave the nominations as they are and vote out April!!

I will try and post from Myrtle Beach with finished pictures of Edie.

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