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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What is with the snow?

What is with the snow? Some of you (ie Phyllis in the Yukon) are laughing because of our complaining about a little snow but seriously, is it ever going to end?

Fiesta Yarn's website has been overhauled. You can now see all their colours and the new yarns including Baby Boom, the new sock yarn. One of my knitters is working in this yarn so we will have a pair of socks for you to feel when you visit the store.

I started another Fake Isle on Saturday afternoon and finished it on Sunday while waiting for the Nascar race to start.

Another box arrived today from Lorna's Laces. All of our Little Can of Paint kits were gone but today's box included kits in
-Bee Stripe
-Mt Creek
-Gold Hill

In skeins, but not in the kit, we received
-Mt Creek
-Gold Hill
-Jungle Stripe
-Tickled Pink

1 comment:

Wannietta said...

I don't think that we'd mind the snow so much if it snowed and stayed, but when it keeps melting and then coming back and then melting - it hard to acclimatize to.

OMG - you're killing me with all of this new yarn!! I'm definitely going to have to deliver Beth's CPH.