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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Every day I tell myself that I need to do a blog post and then it is bed time. Korey and I are working on getting new products up on the website. All the Rowan yarns and books should be up now. We still need to get up the Lorna's Laces Shepherd Socks and Dream in Colour yarns. We also have lots of patterns to add.

The snow over the weekend was incredible. I didn't open the store on Saturday. I could have gone to work but would have sat knitting. Instead I spent the day winding balls of yarn for Tulip kits.

Alexis knit a Tulip Cardigan for the store. I searched some of the finished projects on Ravelry and saw some in darker colours. When I handed the kit to Alexis, she was very doubtful but when it was done she loved the colours.
This is my Jane Thornley wrap. All of a sudden I realized that I need to get it finished. I am going to Chicago on March 23 for a conference and want to take it with me. I am now decreasing so the rows are going faster (not quite fast enough though). When the knitting is done I will crochet around the edge to make it neat.

This is my baby sweater out of Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton. The back is done and the front is a couple of rows from the neck shaping.
The parking lot at my store isn't very happy. The back has piles and piles of snow filling at least four parking spots.

I stepped away to help some customers and just read through this-it sounds like something a 7 year old would write-sorry. My mind is spinning in too many directions!!

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Michelle B said...

Sounds just fine to me! I think all of the snow has us shell shocked. Love the DIC autumn colourway.