Sunday, March 30, 2008

Home again with lots of pictures

A very special parcel arrived in the store while I was away. KAUNI is here!!! The yarn looks great. While I was pricing it on Friday and Saturday (there is a lot of it) people were pulling it out of my hands to look at it.

The conference in Chicago was amazing. I came home with lots of ideas running through my head. I met yarn shop owners from all over the US. We had time to discuss different ideas that work in our stores.

On Monday night at the welcome reception I met Amy Butler. Amy designs amazing fabrics and I became familiar with her name through some knitting bags she designed. I am going out tomorrow to buy some of her fabrics for quilting.

On Wednesday afternoon we visited Lorna's Laces. People come in the store and question the price of hand painted yarns. Spend a couple of hours with a hand painter and you will understand. It isn't just the dying of the yarn. It has to steam for an hour, hang to dry, then it is re skeined.

This is Beth Casey the owner of Lorna's Laces painting some yarn for us.

The conference was put on by Yarn Market News which is a division of Vogue Knitting. The goodie bags we got were amazing.
-knitting needles from Lantern Moon, Denise and Addi
-needle cases from Lantern Moon and Della Q
-balls of yarn
-a brand new Namaste knitting bag

Shopping in Chicago was great. I took two suitcases with me that were pretty empty. Thank goodness. Between the goodie bags and my new shoes (five pairs) they were very heavy coming home.

This is a picture outside of out gate on Thursday afternoon at O'Hare. I posted from the airport and could have posted again because I sat there for so long. It was 7pm before we got on the plane. Then the pilot came on to tell us there was luggage on the plane with no passenger so they had to find it and take it off. Then we had to de-ice. I finally made it home to Ancaster at midnight.

Last night Beth and I watched the TV shows she taped while I was away. The season finale of Celebrity Apprentice was sad because I wanted Trace to win but you can't fault Donald choosing Piers.

Has anyone been watching Oprah's The Big Give? These people are incredibly stupid. They were given $100,000 and had 24 hours to give it away. They couldn't give cash but had to buy things. Also, they could only give $500 to any one person and only $10,000 to any one location (like a hospital). Out of seven people only one managed to give away the whole $100,000. One lady only managed to give away $16,500.

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Anonymous said...

oh, I am very jealous that you met Amy Butler!! If you need help finding her fabrics let me know, I have them sourced out all over the country.
Great pictures!