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Monday, March 31, 2008


As many of you know I love Appledore knit in Cotton Jeans from RYC. This is Maggi and Lise from my Thursday night class. They are proudly showing off their amazing jackets.

I do have some knitting to report. I am working on my cardigan in Silk Garden Lite. I finished the back last night. Somewhere in the back of my head I think I will have it done for the Frolic at the end of the month-I better get going.

For the past week I have been having some weird, weird dreams. Last night I decided to go back to high school and one of my classes was 'How to Knit'. In the dream I did know how to knit and that caused many problems with my teachers (there were two men teaching the class and neither one could knit).

Here are a couple of pairs of shoes that I bought while away. I have these in black and hot pink. Thank you Franco Sarto for doing some great shoes this spring.

Who can pass up a pair of black patent shoes?


Michelle B said...

Appledore is beautiful on both ladies! Mine needs to get out of the stash and become a sweater too! Love the shoes. An active dream life means you're processing new things.

Kristin said...

My mom is done her Appledore and I wanted to get a picture to post. Guess I forgot.