Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Roko and Melo

Melo loves to pose for pictures. These were taken while Beth was carving the pumpkin. You can see behind Melo that the yard is in rough shape. The two dogs run laps around the yard and then Roko decides he needs to dig to China. We are hoping to put artificial grass in the back yard. It feels and looks like grass but the dogs can't rip it up like they did the sod. It is supposed to be very easy for cleaning up after the dogs as well.

Roko's frisbee has seen better days but those things are expensive. It is fabric because we don't want him chewing plastic.

Roko decided he needed to put his head in the pumpkin. It is food!!

It has been the day of boxes.
  1. Dream in Color-Smooshy sock yarn
  2. Namaste-Vintage and Jetsetter bags
  3. Brown Sheep-Lamb's Pride Bulky
  4. Cabin Fever-Top Down for Toddlers books

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nadine said...

big news: it's all come about suddenly. i'm moving to san francisco.
i'm leaving montreal in only 2 weeks. Yikes !