Saturday, October 06, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

The store has been very slow this morning-it could be because of the torrential rain storm that we had.

This is the start of my jacket using Naturally Tussock Chunky. I am knitting the sleeve and then will cast on stitches for the body. It is a very simple slip stitch pattern that looks great in the colours-of course they don't look correct on the computer-I am using three shades of brown. The shaping is still a bit up the air. As I get to the start of the body my mind will be made up.

I wanted something easy to work on it the store today so I started a pair of mittens in Nashua Snowbird. The yarn is nice to knit with and very soft to touch. I picked the boring beige colour because I have a new brown suede coat. They are being knit on two needles as the pattern calls for. I can already hear Wannietta and Rhonda-"Why didn't you knit them on four needles and then you wouldn't have to sew?" I want to have the finished product look exactly like they would if a customer knit them. Also, I don't mind doing the seam-it goes quickly with the mattress stitch.

Have a great weekend and don't each too much turkey!!!


Wannietta said...

OK then, my question would be why didn't Nashua design them in the round? LOL

Samantha said...

I love the colours of the sweater ... gorgeous! Browns are always nice.

I really like the mitten too. I don't mind seaming either, but I'm not sure I'd like the feel of a seam in my mittens.

Can't wait to see the fo's.