Monday, July 16, 2007

Old News

I wrote this message last Tuesday night. I thought I had published it but obviously I didn't. As I am approaching 40 the mind is starting to go!!

Here are the dogs. Melo is just outside the kitchen and Roko is lying at the front door (the dining room is on the left). Roko is looking quite innocent here. When I got home from work tonight he was drinking out of Beth's toilet!!

This is my Dream in Color shrug-the picture was taken a few days ago. I am now done seven of the nine repeats-it might be finished during Big Brother tonight. (I have since finished the shrug and am just waiting to block it)

Hell's Kitchen was great last night. I think Gordon picked the women's team to win the challenge so he could go to the photo shoot with them and not the men. Melissa is gone-thank goodness.

All of our California Shutters are up now. They look amazing-well worth the money.

I know that I am forgetting to mention something. If it comes to me I will add another post later tonight. I'm off to make dinner-we do that in this house.


Anonymous said...

Uhhh Julie? You did post it already. I remember showing Clarabel the pictures of the dogs.

Julie said...

Kristin-I told you almost 40 and I am losing my mind!!!

Samantha said...

You know if you want to stop a dog from drinking out of a toilet there are two ways to stop it. #1 close the toilet. #2 close the bathroom door. LOL

How are the dogs liking the new house? Did the yard get fenced in yet for them?

Dr. Steph said...

What color of Dream in colour is that? I love it.

I have on my grinchy-green version of that shrug right now--it's the perfect office a/c cover up.