Monday, June 26, 2006

Crazy Weekend

After the tent sale I thought that this was going to be a relaxing weekend.

The store was jammed on Saturday. I was in there helping Sarah most of the day. I went upstairs around 2 to rest and she called me to say that Nadine was here. I have never met Nadine (she lives in Montreal) but we have talked on the phone, emailed and I read her blog. She was visiting her mom who lives in Burlington so it was great of her to drop by.

Saturday night was a Stag and Doe in Brantford. We left at 12:30 and instead of going straight home like responsible people we went to a friends house. 3:30 was a little late (or early) to be getting into Ancaster.

Mom and dad have visitors from South Carolina so Sunday afternoon was dinner at their house.

To everyone who answered the meme on my blog, I have gone through this morning and answered on yours. Sorry for the delay.

I promise pictures tomorrow!!!

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Rhonda said...

Good thing you have Mondays off.