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Monday, August 18, 2008


The last few days have been much better at the Olympics for Team Canada. It looked like we might not get any medals and then bam!!

Yesterday I showed you Valour finished. This was for the WIP Wrestling category in the Ravelympics. Cheri is my main project for the Vest Vault. I have 4 rows to go on the collar and then sewing.

This is Edie. The cardigan is knit from side to side with holes for the armholes. The part on the left is the front and the right side is the back. The front comes over the shoulders and hangs down with the stripes going sideways and the stripes will be vertical on the back.
I am going to try really hard and get this done for another WIP Wrestling-trying to get as many medals for Team Canada as possible. When the Olympics are done, Ravelry is going to figure out the winner. They have a magic formula that will look at the number of people in the group and the number of finished projects.

On Friday my mom is flying to Myrtle Beach. She is feeling much better but the drive is too long. I will be driving with my dad and then flying home on Wednesday. I hope to get Edie finished in the car if necessary.

April and Jerry on the block-this is going to be interesting. Okay, I am talking about Big Brother-if you aren't watching you could be missing the best season yet. I need to make a mental note to tape Canadian Idol. Amberly being voted out is surprising.

Don't forget that the Knitter's Fair is coming up soon-less than a month away. All of a sudden I need to get my act together to get kits, etc. ready.


nadine said...

good luck with preparations for the Knitter's Fair !

and i've bought shoes. posted photos if you have a hankering, ever, for shoe-shopping.

Samantha said...

I'm really hoping to get to the Knitter's Fair this year ... however it lands on the same day as Pagan Pride Day in Hamilton and I have a prior obligation to be there. We'll see what happens and how the weather is ...