Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Making progress

I have been steadily working on Cheri. I am now done 5.5 balls of yarn-unfortunately I haven't done any today. We are receiving boxes of yarn, needles (out of stock Addis are in) and magazines (the fall Interweave just arrived). I have also been getting mail orders ready-Phyllis-yours is on the way.

I mentioned new sock yarn-the Silk Garden sock yarn from Noro has arrived. There are 8 colours-the two shown as well as 84, 87, 252, 258, 264, 269. These match the colours in Silk Garden.


Canadian Idol and Big Brother are both getting really, really good. On Idol we are getting down to the best-I think there are 4 very strong people and it will be interesting to see who Canada wants to win. The arguing and fighting on Big Brother has been great. In the past people didn't get along but this is the first season where there have been screaming matches (and lots of them). Memphis and Renny are still flying under the radar and should last for some time with everyone else at each others throats. Jerry is an idiot. He is complaining about Dan and the fact that he broke his word-didn't Jerry do that the first week?

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Lost Mitten said...

I was thinking the EXACT same thing about Jerry on Big Brother and I'm surprised that no one has pointed it out...didn't he break his word the first week and have to take his military hat off? Isn't that similar to Dan removing his cross when he broke his word? It is a great season of BB so far...plenty of drama, that is for sure!

BTW, The new sock yarns look great!! I have always meant to get into knitting socks...perhaps now is the time!