Monday, May 03, 2021

Positive Vibrations

Positive Vibrations is an interesting shawl designed by Marin Melchior. You might recognize the name - Marin designed Butterfly.

Photos © Marin Melchior

The shawls are knit in fingering weight yarn. There are Several versions. Two that use almost every inch of your two skeins and are a little shorter/smaller. And 2 that use 3 skeins, about 80% of two of them and 100% of your third. There are many other options and choices; including using stash yarns, or “scraps/ends”. The end section of the piece is designed to allow you to end where you need to, or, with more yarn, to make the shawl larger.

You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.

I put together kits this morning and they are available online. At a great price. Don’t miss out. I’m going to put them in a newsletter later this week.
Positive Vibrations also utilises Marin Melchior's short row construction, but this time you get to use 2 different self-striping, hand-dyed colourways from the Uneek Fingering range, along with 1 skein of Harvest Fingering, hand-dyed with roots, fruits & nuts.

These are the colours that were used for the shawl pictured.

If you don’t want to use a self-striping yarn you can choose 3 colours of fingering weight.
Marin did this shawl with 3 colours of tosh sock.

When I started my car this morning I had a big warning light on saying that one tire was low on air. It should be 39 PSI and it was 13. I stopped at a gas station and filled it to 39 and went to work. When I ran to Tims at lunch it was down to 34. I called my dealership and brought the car in. They called after having time to look at it and there was a drill bit stuck in my tire. It’s fixed now and I get it back in the morning. Beth will drive me to Caledonia to get it in the morning but we have to leave at 8am. Yikes. There won’t be any knitting tonight.

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