Monday, February 08, 2021

Thinking of Spring

Kits for Ambah O’Brien’s Caladenia MKAL are now online. I will be making more kits later this week after we receive shipments from Madelinetosh and Hedgehog. There will be many boxes arriving - maybe on Wednesday.

The football game was not good but I did pick the winning team. The first sleeve on my Throwback is almost finished. A sad confession though - I had finished three rows of ribbing on the sleeve when I went back and looked at the pattern. Thank goodness I did - I was doing the ribbing wrong. It called for K3, P3 and I was doing K2, P2. The three rows came out and I started the ribbing again. Moral of the story - don’t assume you know!

Spring Rowan will be arriving at the beginning of March. Creative Linen will be featured in a few different publications.
The cool relaxed fibres of Creative Linen are perfect to both knit and wear in the warmer months of the year.

During dinner Beth broached the subject of a sibling for Boscoe. She had me convinced until Boscoe disappeared. He was on the stairs with a skein of Dyed in the Wool. The label is gone and the skein was untwisted. He didn’t damage the wool but it’s safe to say that I wasn’t impressed. He loves Spincycle.
Don’t let his looks fool you.

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Trina said...

Boscoe takes after his Mummy...good taste in yarn :)