Sunday, July 05, 2020


My Botanic Shawl is growing. The first skein of Dyed in the Wool is almost done and the next one has been wound. The pattern is very easy and anyone can make this. A customer was picking up yarn for it this week and commented that they needed TV knitting. Here is my suggestion - place a stitch marker on either side of the slipped stitch. This is the vertical green line every so many stitches. Then you know that when you get to the marker you need to slip the stitch. No counting needed.

There wasn’t enough knitting today because I was in tidying mode. Our main floor is back in order. Both Beth and I have been working a lot lately and things were turning into chaos. Not any more. Then I went to work on my bedroom. Same problem. All my winter sweaters have been folded and put away. There were a lot of shawls hanging around as well.
A few weeks ago I was in ‘just one more row’ mode and couldn’t find anything on TV. Somehow I ended up on the Shopping Channel. It doesn’t happen very often but something made me go there. They were showing storage solutions and I couldn’t change the channel. I bought some and they were delivered this week. I used them today to get some of my knitting downstairs in order and then more are in my bedroom. It’s like my inner Cathy came out today. Cathy helps me in the store and is the organization queen. You should see her pack the van when we go to shows. I’m sure that we are going to have to leave things behind and Cathy always makes it fit with room to spare.

Now I’m in ‘just one more row’ mode again. I think that I can get to my next ball of Dyed in the Wool before heading to bed. I will not be shopping while knitting 😘

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