Friday, July 31, 2020


Andrea Mowry released a new pattern today - meet Cinnabar. You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry or on Andrea’s website.

All photos © Andrea Mowry.
Garter and brioche will always be my go-to ingredients for creating my favorite shawls to knit and wear! This shawl plays with two-color Garter and Brioche with the increases offset to create an asymmetrical shawl that wants to be wrapped right around you! This shawl turns up the volume on texture by using DK weight yarn in one color and Sport weight yarn in the other color!
Andrea used two yarns from Spincycle - Dyed in the Wool and Versus.

I took a few pictures while I was in the store today.
Above and below are the colours that Andrea used.

This was the start of me playing with colours.

I would have taken more pictures but I had a migraine today. I’ve had migraines since I was 8 so I can still do some work while I have one. There is a trick that I learned in high school. Salt and Vinegar chips. That is right. When I was in high school and university I ate the chips with a can of coke. I no longer drink coke so it is a can of ginger ale. I can’t tell you why this helps me but it always makes me feel better to have them.

Back to the shawl. I think that Rowan Felted Tweed would be a good substitute for Versus for the main colour of the shawl.
Crazy Zauberball can be used instead of the Dyed in the Wool.

Andrea always gives great instructions but Brioche might be a new technique for you. Or it could be a technique that stumps you. If you Google Brioche knitting you will find many videos and written tutorials. I suggest taking out some scrap yarn and trying the technique before starting the shawl.

Here are some tips to Brioche knitting
  • You need to work across the row twice to make one row.
  • When the pattern says slip, you will always slip like a purl
  • Both yarns are together is always a sign that you should work with the dark colour next.
  • If there is one yarn at each end of your work then you will be working with the light colour
  • When you are knitting or purling the stitch with its yarn over, the stitch and the yarn over will be different colours.
  • Brioche knitting uses more yarn than regular stocking stitch. It can be as much as double
  • Brioche knits a looser fabric so you might want to go down one or two needle sizes
  • When you are using a lifeline to take back a row
    • pick stitches back from end opposite of working yarn
    • Rip out light colour first, then dark colour

Now it’s time for bed. A good night’s sleep and I will feel much better tomorrow.

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