Thursday, February 13, 2020

Family Day

Kathy was in today with her Shift. The colours are awesome. Kathy isn't loving it and is threatening to rip it back and start again. I begged and begged for her to leave it. I hope I convinced her to block it first before frogging. Maybe she will like it better after blocking.
Dyed in the Wool
The Family Jewels
Deep Bump

I was looking on Ravelry this morning and found some great patterns for Erika Knight Studio Linen. The yarn is on sale - don't miss out. The colours are beautiful and the yarn is amazing!
An edge to edge bracelet length sleeve cardigan knitted in three different eyelet stitch patterns. It is worked from the bottom to the top with K1,P1 rib edges, shaped under the arm to give an elegant extended sleeve and short row shaping at the shoulders. The fronts meet at the centre back neck. The sleeves are picked up from the armhole and worked towards the K1,P1 cuff.
Sundowner is designed by Sarah Hatton.

This is Minaret.
A simple ‘T-shaped’ sweater inspired by traditional stitch textures. Worked in the round to the armholes, then worked in rows. The sleeves are picked up and worked in the round to the cuff.
A V-neck sweatshirt inspired sweater knitted from the bottom up with an extended armhole shape for comfort and style. The V-neck is worked with an integral K1, P1 rib and finished with a three-needle cast-off at the shoulder. The sleeves are picked up and worked from the armhole to the deep rib cuff.
You can purchase the pattern for Medina on Ravelry.

We purchase our Knitter's Pride needles from a company in BC called N. Jefferson. They are sending us a set of interchangeable needles for our Food Drive Basket. Thank you!

This Monday (February 17) is Family Day in Ontario. The store will be closed and we will be open again on Tuesday morning at 10am.

It's their last day together for a bit.

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