Monday, December 02, 2019

Monday in Myrtle

Today’s post is going to be short. The wifi is out in the house. It was going this morning but now I can’t join. My dad doesn’t use/need wifi so I’m not playing around with anything here. The TV works and I don’t want to start pressing buttons and mess that up.

We went out for breakfast (Cracker Barrel) and then ran a few errands. We played 9 holes this afternoon. I’m not complaining because it is warmer than home but it was cold and windy. Around 50 with a 25 mph wind. There were men on the course in shorts and I had on a turtleneck.

Thankfully the sun was shining.

Beth and I just had our house repainted. Everyone wanted us to change the colour but since the day it was built we called it the ‘little green house’ so it had to stay green.

There are new bags on the way to us from Zigzag Stitches. The grey bag (which is a bit bluer) is called ‘Snow Day’. The sheep are knitting and doing other winter activities.

Are you following Melanie Berg on Facebook? It’s that time of year - her Advent Calendar.

I’m a day late - this started yesterday. Today’s pattern is called One More Stripe. My iPad  won’t put in a pretty link - sorry 😂

Dad has been sleeping (I kept him running today and he likes an afternoon nap) but he just woke up so it’s time for dinner. I’m hungry. There was no time for lunch today.

There won’t be a post tomorrow - my day is planned down to the minute. Breakfast out. A bit of shopping. 9 holes of golf. Lunch on the way to the airport. Fly to Atlanta. Sit in Atlanta for an hour and then fly to Toronto. By the time I pull in my driveway it will be Wednesday.

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